Monday, March 31, 2014

Pedestrian Safety from Taxis and Las Vegas Traffic

I have come across this new sign that easily could reduce Pedestrian deaths around parking garages and bus stations on the Las Vegas Strip. This pedestrian warning system provides a flashing light and a voice warning to tell pedestrian to watch out for moving vehicles.
Now if they had something to slap some of them out of their drunken stupor.

Pass Signs

This sign in particular would be great to let pedestrians know a Car Coming out of a parking garage exit.

Car Coming Sign

Friday, October 28, 2011

Las Vegas CSI Experience

Are you a fan of CSI Vegas and you want a bit of detective work just like the guys on the hit CBS show CSI VEGAS. Then attend the MGM CSI Experience. It is an interactive crime scene where you get to take clues and data and put your investigator skills to the test. I rate this a 7 out of 10. It was very cool but I thought a little pricey for the experience.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Las Vegs Strip Murders 2011

Just in three weeks there have been three homicides on the Las Vegs Strip. What is going on? This is way too high. I know it could be coincidental, but only the next few months will tell. I know one of the murders will be difficult to prove if it was murder or manslaughter. Two men were in a bathroom in O'Sheas.  Benjamin Hawkins and John Massie were fighting because Massie made a racial remark. As the fight went outside the bathroom Hawkins hit Massie in the face and Massie died right there. Talk about an Unusual Death.
The metro has promised to step up the police force but this can only do so much. Sometimes the wrong comment can kill you.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Penn and Teller Break-up - Business Partners

After more than 35 years the brilliant duo of Penn and Teller are "breaking-up". They have been a Las Vegas mainstay for many years and have performed thousands of shows. They have provided death defying illusions to the amazement of millions of Las Vegas Show goers.
What you might not of known is the Penn Jillete and Teller are basically just business partners. They rarely socialize outside their show. They credit their success to this business relationship. Many of the long-term bands that have remained around for decades also practice this type of relationship. We all have that relative that we can enjoy as long as we see them only few times a year.
Penn and Teller wisely practiced this relationship. They had very little in common with each other except for the love of magic and showmanship. So why push the limits of their relationship by forcing social situations that can provide uneccesary stress?
I am sure we have not seen the last of the Las Vegas Strip Shows put on the great Penn and Teller. With their new TV show of Penn and Teller Tell a Lie they will return to Las Vegas for powerful high-priced shows.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Danny Gans - Why he will be missed.

Where are the great impressionists now?

Danny Gans wasn't world famous or in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. He was one of those impressionists that didn't need a million props to "become" the person he was impersonating. In Las Vegas in worked the Las Vegas Strip up and down since 1996. He used moslty clean comedy to make us laugh until our sides hurt.
He had won Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year, and his show had been name Las Vegas Show of the Year. He worked many of the Strips Hotels including Stratorsphere, Rio, and the Mirage. In fact he did so well at the Mirage they built and named the Danny Gans Theater for him.
In 2009 the Wynn Encore hired him. Unfortunately his run would be short.

Danny had been known in the Christian Music circles as he had released a pop chrisitian album.

How did Danny Gans Die?
In 2009 he passed away at his home in Henderson, Nevada of a prescription drug called hydromorphone. Danny had an adverse reaction to the drug. Danny had an heart condition. However, he took great care of himself with exercise and eating healthy. It was just one of this misfortunate Las Vegas Deaths.

He will be missed by all those who got to see his brilliant act.

Blog by Jeff Terrozas
Author of Vegas Strip Deaths
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