Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Las Vegs Strip Murders 2011

Just in three weeks there have been three homicides on the Las Vegs Strip. What is going on? This is way too high. I know it could be coincidental, but only the next few months will tell. I know one of the murders will be difficult to prove if it was murder or manslaughter. Two men were in a bathroom in O'Sheas.  Benjamin Hawkins and John Massie were fighting because Massie made a racial remark. As the fight went outside the bathroom Hawkins hit Massie in the face and Massie died right there. Talk about an Unusual Death.
The metro has promised to step up the police force but this can only do so much. Sometimes the wrong comment can kill you.

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  1. Its crazy there in Vegas. What is going on? Great book Jeff. I just read it. www.vegasstripdeaths.com